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Finally! I´m done with her. This work took some time and effort, but in the end everything turned out cool. I must say that I´m proud at how I drew the tree, I mean, is not everyday that I can draw a tree and seems so nice XD. Err yeah, so this is Lyn from Fire Emblem Blazing Sword, I wanted to draw her since a lot of time before. Love her fighting style, she reminds me of the samurais when Lyn draws her sword. Also, when promoted she uses a bow, and that makes her quite different from the other lords.

Por fin! Termine con ella. Este trabajo tomo mucho tiempo y esfuerzo, pero al final valio lo pena. Debo de decir que estoy orgullosa en como dibuje el arbulito, digo, no son todos los dias que puedo dibujar un arbol que se vea bien XD. Weee si, asi que este es un dibujo de Lyn de Fire Emblem Blazing sword, queria dibujarla desde hace mucho tiempo. Me gusta mucho su estilo de pelea, ya que me recuerda a los samurais cuando saca su esapda de la vaina. Tambien, cuando se promociona puede usar un arco, y eso la hace diferente a los demas lords.

Lyn (c): Intelligent Systems, Nintendo.
Illustrarion (c): Me.

Sai+ PSCS5.
Fox ladies. by PINKDIAMOND3000
Fox ladies.
This is a fan art of Mia from Fire Emblem and :iconangelsapphire133: Oc, whose name is Aqua. This drawing idea came as I was writing a fanfic of them, no, is not a yuri  they are just good friends. Aqua is a princess and Mia a priestess (miko) but they are both kitsunes (foxes)  I´m not good at darwing kimonos, but at least I tried.

Also, first drawing of the year! Yay! :D

Este es un Fan Art de Mia de Fire Emblem y el Oc de mi amiga :iconangelsapphire133: , Aqua. La idea me vino mientras escribia una fanfic de ellas, no, no es yuri, solo son muy buenas amigas. Aqua es una princesa y Mia es una sacerdotisa (Miko) Pero es kitsune... No soy muy buena dibujando kimonos, y el de Miko creo que lo hice bien.. creo D: 

Por cierto, primer dibujo del año yay! :D

Aqua (c): :iconangelsapphire133:

Mia: (c) Fire Emblem
Improvement meme  by PINKDIAMOND3000
Improvement meme
OMG! I must say that I´m quite impressed with path my art has taken with the past of the years. Six years ago I wouln´t have imagined that I would be gettign better and better. I also kind of gave up on drawing that year (2008), pretty much becuase of a depression phase. I started to write fanfiction, but the were a mess.

2009: This was the year I was obsessed with Harvest Moon, I really found the characters cute so I tried to draw them.

 2010 : I was more into fanfiction than drawing.

2011 :met a dear friend of mine, she motivated me to keep drawing, even if you art was kind of crappy.

2012: I was very uneatable emotionally, got a strong depression phase by the end of the year. I was too much into role play so I drew a lot of my RP characters.

2013: I was still depressed this year but decided to get some help. My art started to improved, I tried some techniques and  try new poses.

2014: This was my year! Everything got better this year. Even tough I lost a lot of family members, but still a lot of things changed in my life. I couln´t draw as much as before because of work but still tried to draw. I started to draw more things from my mind and stopped using references. Drew some males even if they look kind of girly they got better this year. I´m very , very proud of this year.

Onwards to 2015!!! 
Art summary by PINKDIAMOND3000
Art summary
So,. this year is almost over and I couldn´t finish the year without uploading this. I´m very proud of this year, for me this year was full of both good and bad experiences. I made new friends and lost some friends. I learned a lot of stuff and also got out of a depression phase. 

About my art I made a lot of improvement from June to December... I started drawing more backgrounds, thing that I wouln´t have done in the past. I can draw boys much better than before, even tough they still look girly. My shading skills have improved as my anatomy.

Hope to keep improving in my art and that things in 2015 get even better.

Este año casi ha terminado, pero no podia dejarlo ir sin subir esto. Estoy muy orgullosa de como me fue en este año, tube muy buenas y malas experiencias. Hice nuevos amigos y perdi a otros. Tambien aprendi muchas cosas y por fin pude salir de una fase depresiva.

Acerca de mi arte hice muy progreso de junio a diciembre. comence a dibujar mas fondos, cosa qu eno hubiera hecho en el pasado. Tambien puedo dibujar chicos mucho mejor que antes, aunque aun se ven afeminados. Mi sombreado mejoro mucho , tambien mi anatomia.

Espero seguir mejorando y que el 2015 sea un año aun mejor.

January/Enero:Princess Parody 



April/ Abril:???????????????????????


June/Junio:Birthday gift


August/Agosto:Art trade Nina

September/Septiembre:Fire Mage

October/Octubre:Sleeping in the grass

November/Noviembre:Aqua fanservice

December/Diciembre:Elenita y Maya

2013 art summary:Art summary 2013

2012 art summary: 2012 art summary
Elenita y Maya by PINKDIAMOND3000
Elenita y Maya
Last drawing of the year! So glad I could finish this before the year ended. Anyways here we have Maya, who is my OC. She will appear much, much later in a fanfic. She is from the Fire Emblem universe. In my fanfic she is a swordmaster. BTW she is the one with purple hair ( The one in the left) Maya is the daughter of Soren and Mia. 

Next we have Elena. She belongs to :iconangelsapphire133: she appears in her fanfic "Demond of the death" she is supossed to be Ike´s daughter. AS her father she is a ranger. Anyways Elena is a ranger, like Ike in Path of Radiance and is quite skilled with the sword.

The main reason as to why I did this drawing was because they have the same hair style and I didn´t even realized this until AngelSapphire pointed this to me XD. They are quite similar, however Maya can be very serious and cold. Elena is more of a kind person, she can be quite mischievous as well :v

The background ugh! I don´t really want to talk about that XD.

Ultimo dibujo del año! Estoy tan feliz de haberlo podido terminar antes de que el año terminara. De todos modos aqui tenemos a Maya, que es mi OC. Ella aparecera mucho, mucho despues en mi fanfic. Ella pertenece al universo de Fire Emble. En mi fanfic ella es una espadachin. Por cierto es la que esta a la izquerda, la que tiene el pelo morado. Maya es hija de Soren y Mia y pertence a mi fanfic "siempre hay una razon para todo.

Ahora tenemos a Elena. Le pertenece a :iconangelsapphire133: aparece en su fanfic "Demonio de la muerte" se supone que es la hija de Ike. Como papa, ella tiene la clase de ranger. Tiene mucho talento con la espada.

La razon principal por la que hice este dibujo es porque tienen un peinado muy similar y no me habia dad cuenta de esto hasta que AngelSapphire me lo dijo XD.  Son similares, pero Maya es algo seria y fria. Elena es mas amable y algo bormista :v

El quiero hablar sobre ello XD

Elena (c) :iconangelsapphire133:
MAya (c) Me

Done in: Sai +PS C5


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Things about myself:

  1. I´ve been playing video games ever since I was 4 years old.
  2. I love lolita fashion.
  3. I have 3 dogs.
  4. I hate to cook, tough I ´m learning a little bit.
  5. I don´t have a lot of friends, but the few I have are my best friends.
  6. People thinks I´m rude, is not the case, is just that I´m very shy and don´t know how to act or show my feelings.
  7. I work part-time as a secretary, because in the mornings I study Graphic design.
  8. I love to Roleplay specially if there´s sex involve.
  9. I love onions, specially if they are fried.
  10. My favorite food is the lasagna.
  11. I´m scared of having children, I feel that I might be a bad mother.
  12. I have a very explosive character.
  13. I like to write fanfiction, I´ve been writing since 2010.
  14. My favorite video game is Fire emblem.
  15. I love frilly dresses and skirts, but tend to wear a lot of jeans.
  16. I trust people very easily.
  17. I live far from the city, wish I could live closer.
  18. I´m more into video games than anime.
  19. I hate to copy people, it makes me feel very bad.
  20. I ten to re-read the fanfics that I love.

: :icondayraider: Questions: 
  1. How long have you been on DA? 5 years
  2. Are you now, or ever have been, in love? No, I´m 22 and still haven´t fall in love with anyone, yet.
  3. What’s your favorite anime/manga? Lucky Star
  4. What’s your biggest vice? I don´t know....
  5. What do you think about homosexual couples? That they are pretty sweet, and mor open minded than straight ones. u.u
  6. What do you wear when you go to bed? I wear long pants and a long t-shirt.
  7. How many languages to you speak? spanish is my natural language, then is English, I know japanese, and a bit of French.
  8. What’s your favorite genre of music? The thing with me and music is that if I listen to a song and I like it, that´s it. I don´t have a fav genre.
  9. Have you ever been drunkNo
  10. What’s your biggest addiction? Well, I can´t decide between role playing and internet.
And now :iconelmo0628:

  1. Do you like Pokemon? (had to have at least one Pokemon related question) No, I hate pokemon. Sorry.
  2. Are you in love with one of your best/closest friends? No.
  3. Who's your favorite OC?  Aqua, she belongs to a friend.
  4. what's your favorite movie? Matilda.
  5. Do you watch The Walking Dead? No, don´t like zombies
  6. What's your favorite animal? Bunnies XD
  7. What's your favorite color? Is between Pinkd and Yellow.
  8. What are you scared of? Being alone.
  9. Do you have any stuffed animals? Yes, a lot of them!
  10. What's your favorite band? Dont´have one.
And now... My questions: 
1- Do you like video
2-How long you´ve been drawing of writing?
3-Do you have siblings?
4-Favorite fruit?
5-What is the thing you hate the most?
6-Do you swear? 
7-Do you have any hobbies?
8-How old are you?
9-Do you plan on getting married?
10- Do you own any pets?

And now.. the tagg
1-:iconangelsapphire133: 2-:iconayasal: 3-:iconcoby17: 4- :iconqueen-zelda: 5-:iconask--mia: 6- :iconzeruma:  

I don´t know the others, sorry XD


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