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Bubbles by PINKDIAMOND3000
I have mixed feelings about this one..It was done a couple or days ago but I just couldn´t decide on a BG for it so I lef it like that, looks kinda lame :/

Tengo sentimientos encontrados con esta, la había terminado hace un par de días pero no podía decidirme por el fondo así que la dejé tal y mo está. Se vera muy simple :/

Kobato (c): CLAMP
Tranquility by PINKDIAMOND3000
So...I finished a drawing sooner than I expected XD. Well I was working on this one at the same time as I was coloring Kitty´s drawing. Anyway this is Arles, a friend´s OC. He is very kind and loves to cook, tough he is a demond and kind of a crow(?) I´m not to sure of his story, but he is kidn here XD. Errr the bird thing on his head is supossed to be a crow but it doesn´t look like one does it?

Así que... Subí un dibujo antes de lo esperad XD. Bueno estaba trabajando en este dibujo mientras coloreaba el de Kitty. De todos modos este es Arles, él es el OC de una amiga. Es muy amable y le gusta cocinar, pero también es un demonio y algo así como un cuervo(?) No estoy muy segura de su historia, pero se que es amable aquí. Errr la cosa sobre su cabeza se supone que era una especie de cuervo, pero no parece uno ¿Verdad?

Arles (c): :iconhydelink:
Illustration (c): :iconpinkdiamond3000:

Done in: SAI+PS CS6
Shy kitten by PINKDIAMOND3000
Shy kitten
English: So this is a remake for an old drawing I have there in my gallery. I´m very pleased with the result! owo! Also I was trying new coloring techniques. I was so blocked that couldn´t draw a thing and then I started browsing a folder with old drawings and found Kitty´s and then said: "Why no? She needs a new desing" (Even tough I use her only for roleplay XD) Anyways, I just sketched her and decided to do the lineart and one thing led to another and know you have Kitty  2.0 :v

Anyways, She has too much pink XD, but I can´t help it... I think it suits her. I drew her with a school uniform because she was supposed to be in a roleplay forum, but that forum had a problem and in the end I couln´t use her. I suck at drawing flowers... But oh well...

Este es un remake de un dibujo viejo que tenía arrumbado por ahí en mi galería. ¡Estoy muy satisfercha con el resultado! owo! También intenté probar con nuegas técnicas de coloreado. Estaba muy bloqueada y no podía dibujar ninguna otra cosa y entonces dedicí buscar en un folder bien viejo con algunos dibujos y encontré el de Kitty y dije: "¿Por qué no? Ella necesita un nuevo diseño" (Aunque la uso para rolear XD) De todos mobos, hice el sketch y después me inspiré en delinearla, una cosa llevó a la otra y ahí tienen a Kitty2.0 :v

De todos modos, tiene demasiado rosa XD, pero no puedo evitarlo... Creo que le queda bien. La dibujé con uniforme de escuela proque se supone que iba a ser parte de un foro de rol, pero ese foro tuvo un problema y al final no la pude usar. Apesto dibujando flores... Pero bueno...

Kitty (c): :iconpinkdiamond3000:
Illustration (c) :iconpinkdiamond3000:

Done in: SAI
Details: PS CS6

Old one/Viejo:…
sketch by PINKDIAMOND3000
Just something I drew fast so I could practice some coloring and anatomy. 
I know it has been a while since I last uploaded something. I´m sorry, but I have been quite busy writing fanfiction. This is Aqua my friends OC.She uses her in a fanfic named Fire Emblem: Land of Gods. Is very good, is both in Spanish and Englis. 

Se que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la últuma vez que subí algo. Lo siento, pero he estado algo ocupada escriviendo fanfics. Esate es Aqua, el OC de una amiga. Ella la usa en un fanfic llamado Fire Emblem: Tierra de Dioses. Es muy bueno, está en inglés y español.

Aqua (c) : :iconangelsapphire133:
Illustration (c): me.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Dominican Republic
  • Listening to: music(?)
  • Reading: The game of Thornes
  • Watching: Dramatical Murder
  • Playing: Smash bros 4
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Tagged by: :icondayraider: and :iconelmo0628: 

  1. You must legitimately tag 10 people.
  2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by your tagger and give 10 different questions to the people you tag.
  3. You must share 10 things about yourself.
  4. You must post the rules. 
  5. You MUST have fun.

Things about myself:

  1. I´ve been playing video games ever since I was 4 years old.
  2. I love lolita fashion.
  3. I have 3 dogs.
  4. I hate to cook, tough I ´m learning a little bit.
  5. I don´t have a lot of friends, but the few I have are my best friends.
  6. People thinks I´m rude, is not the case, is just that I´m very shy and don´t know how to act or show my feelings.
  7. I work part-time as a secretary, because in the mornings I study Graphic design.
  8. I love to Roleplay specially if there´s sex involve.
  9. I love onions, specially if they are fried.
  10. My favorite food is the lasagna.
  11. I´m scared of having children, I feel that I might be a bad mother.
  12. I have a very explosive character.
  13. I like to write fanfiction, I´ve been writing since 2010.
  14. My favorite video game is Fire emblem.
  15. I love frilly dresses and skirts, but tend to wear a lot of jeans.
  16. I trust people very easily.
  17. I live far from the city, wish I could live closer.
  18. I´m more into video games than anime.
  19. I hate to copy people, it makes me feel very bad.
  20. I ten to re-read the fanfics that I love.

: :icondayraider: Questions: 
  1. How long have you been on DA? 5 years
  2. Are you now, or ever have been, in love? No, I´m 22 and still haven´t fall in love with anyone, yet.
  3. What’s your favorite anime/manga? Lucky Star
  4. What’s your biggest vice? I don´t know....
  5. What do you think about homosexual couples? That they are pretty sweet, and mor open minded than straight ones. u.u
  6. What do you wear when you go to bed? I wear long pants and a long t-shirt.
  7. How many languages to you speak? spanish is my natural language, then is English, I know japanese, and a bit of French.
  8. What’s your favorite genre of music? The thing with me and music is that if I listen to a song and I like it, that´s it. I don´t have a fav genre.
  9. Have you ever been drunkNo
  10. What’s your biggest addiction? Well, I can´t decide between role playing and internet.
And now :iconelmo0628:

  1. Do you like Pokemon? (had to have at least one Pokemon related question) No, I hate pokemon. Sorry.
  2. Are you in love with one of your best/closest friends? No.
  3. Who's your favorite OC?  Aqua, she belongs to a friend.
  4. what's your favorite movie? Matilda.
  5. Do you watch The Walking Dead? No, don´t like zombies
  6. What's your favorite animal? Bunnies XD
  7. What's your favorite color? Is between Pinkd and Yellow.
  8. What are you scared of? Being alone.
  9. Do you have any stuffed animals? Yes, a lot of them!
  10. What's your favorite band? Dont´have one.
And now... My questions: 
1- Do you like video
2-How long you´ve been drawing of writing?
3-Do you have siblings?
4-Favorite fruit?
5-What is the thing you hate the most?
6-Do you swear? 
7-Do you have any hobbies?
8-How old are you?
9-Do you plan on getting married?
10- Do you own any pets?

And now.. the tagg
1-:iconangelsapphire133: 2-:iconayasal: 3-:iconcoby17: 4- :iconqueen-zelda: 5-:iconask--mia: 6- :iconzeruma:  

I don´t know the others, sorry XD


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